Is Canada Jetlines finally taking off? Florida flights from YYZ start in March 2022

Is Canada Jetlines finally taking off? Florida flights from YYZ start in March 2022

TORONTO — Canada Jetlines and Global Crossing Airlines Group Inc. have announced that Canada Jetlines, through its Canada Jetlines Vacations Ltd. subsidiary, and GlobalX plan to launch their first partnership on the sale of public charter flights between Toronto and Florida.

The arrangement is the first between the two companies since GlobalX completed the spin out of Canada Jetlines in June 2021 to shareholders.

Under the terms of the arrangement, Canada Jetlines Vacations will jointly market and sell seats on GlobalX public charter flights over a six-week period.

Roundtrip charter flights are expected to operate from Toronto to Miami and Fort Lauderdale weekly starting in March 2022.

Bookings are set to open in December 2021, pending receipt of all final regulatory approvals including approval from, and completion of, Canada Jetlines Vacations’ registration with TICO.

At first flights will be operated on GlobalX Airbus A320 aircraft, however Canada Jetlines intends to start operating flights to Florida with its own A320 aircraft once it has completed its certification and receives all required government approvals.

“This partnership is exactly what we envisioned when we spun off Canada Jetlines- creating Canada’s newest low-cost airline. The alliance between the two airlines allows us to fly for each other to open new charter routes, provide additional capacity at certain peak periods for each airline and to maximize the benefits of the two networks. We look forward to flying these charter routes for our partner as the first step in expanding our alliance,” said Ed Wegel, Chair and CEO, GlobalX.

“The ability for Canada Jetlines Vacations to charter GlobalX to operate flights to Florida this upcoming winter is exciting news for Canada Jetlines. The partnership with GlobalX allows us the flexibility to quickly react and open routes and charter flights that would otherwise not be available,” says Eddy Doyle, CEO, Canada Jetlines.

The travel industry has heard about Jetlines for years, dating back to at least 2015, however its latest incarnation with the current management team took shape earlier this year. Last month Canada Jetlines announced it had partnered with Softvoyage.