Intrepid’s Urban Adventures reaches 150th city milestone
Credit: Urban Adventures.

Intrepid’s Urban Adventures reaches 150th city milestone

TORONTO — Urban Adventures has reached a major milestone this month with the addition of its 150th destination.

After adding day tours in Dili and Dhaka, Intrepid’s fast-growing day-tour company reached a total of 150 cities around the world. The new tours in Timor-Leste and Bangladesh are particularly significant for the company as they highlight the opportunity for Urban Adventures to provide economic development opportunities through its innovative partnership model.

Launched in 2009, Urban Adventures makes it their mission to funnel travellers’ dollars back into local communities by helping a local operator set up his or her own business in each destination in the company’s network. All tours are locally led, and travellers are guided to independent shops, bars and cafes throughout the tour.

“Developing countries like East Timor often lack the skills and tools that are essential for the generation of wealth and opportunity,” says Darrell Wade, Co-founder and CEO of Intrepid. “Intrepid was born out of the principle of purpose beyond profit, and we firmly believe that tourism can play a significant role in poverty alleviation when we choose to focus on real and practical business-based solutions.”

“After seven years we’ve reached 150 cities, which really is a milestone for us, as during that time we’ve learnt to grow a network of small businesses and still maintain our quality and values. We’re constantly on the lookout for new partners that share our vision and we’re able to now bring them onboard quickly. And that’s what makes this milestone really exciting!” says Tony Carne, General Manager of Urban Adventures. “We’ve reached a tipping point where more than 150 local businesses in the Urban Adventures network are working to grow together, in a way that truly benefits their local communities.”

‘Dili After Dark’ is priced from $141 and lasts for five hours. Guests will join families gathering at the Dili night market, enjoy an authentic feast of Timorese BBQ on the beach, and take in a live music show starring some of the city’s best artists.

‘Dhaka After Dark’ is 4.5 hours long and priced from $83. Highlights include a tour of the Old City, a live stage performance and a rickshaw ride through the city streets.

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