Intrepid does its part for Mother Earth, plants 100,000 trees for travellers

NEW YORK – Intrepid Travel celebrated Earth Day this year by planting 100,000 trees in Kenya’s Intrepid Forest.

The tree-planting initiative is part of Intrepid’s Offset Earth project, which runs in conjunction with its not-for-profit The Intrepid Foundation. The monthly subscription service allows customers to offset their personal emissions through Gold Standard-certified carbon credits and tree planting, while also encouraging users to set goals to reduce their carbon footprint overall and make positive changes for the environment.


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James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel comments, “Planting over 100,000 trees in Kenya’s Intrepid Forest is a fantastic milestone to hit this Earth Day and we want to thank all those who have subscribed to our Offset Earth project to date. It’s a nice reminder that even when we have to be apart, we can still work together to change things for the better,”

The company is working to fight climate change by offsetting every trip taken by one of its travellers. Though it is currently not possible for people to travel right now due to COVID-19, Intrepid has promised to do its part for climate action by matching trees planted with every subscription through its Offset Earth page.

The trees are currently being planted in Kenya’s Kijabe Forest by Eden Reforestation Projects and local community partners, which travellers get to visit on select Kenya itineraries. In line with the company’s values, the reforestation project also employs locals, many of whom are single mothers, to help plant the trees and keep the forest safe.



The starting monthly subscription rate allows users to plant 12 trees, matched by a further 12 on behalf of Intrepid Travel. This tree planting, along with the purchase of Gold Standard-certified carbon credits, effectively prevents 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Plus, the subscription service helps users set goals to reduce their carbon footprint overall such as refusing single-use items, reducing their meat intake and taking public transportation to work.

“The world may have changed dramatically over the past few months with travel as we know it coming to a standstill,” says Thornton. “But as a company we remain committed to being climate positive and are grateful that our loyal customers feel the same. Travel will only rebound stronger if it rebuilds more responsibly.”

To sign up to Offset Earth and have your trees matched by Intrepid, visit Once subscribed, users can watch their digital forest grow, check in on the Kijabe project, and set goals to reduce their annual carbon footprint.

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