Turkey eases entry requirements for select countries, including Canada
Ephesus, Turkey

Insight’s 2019-20 Seasons lineup includes two new Greece trips

TORONTO — Insight Vacations has released its 2019-2020 Seasons collection with two new journeys to Greece: Glories of Greece & Three Continents Cruise and Athens & Three Continents Cruise.

Also new this year is the Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague journey that is now running year-round so clients can take advantage of travel outside of the summer season, with travel dates ranging from October 2019 – April 2020.

The seasonal collection features 32 itineraries to choose from, all departing in autumn, winter and spring.

Early booking clients can take advantage of the 5% Early Payment Discount if they book and pay in full by Aug. 29, 2019.

“Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean hold so many treasures and we encourage clients to discover the best kept secrets outside of peak travel time,” says Brad Ford, president of Insight Vacations.

“Canadian clients will enjoy fewer crowds with no less excitement in Egypt and Jordan as they experience ancient civilizations with milder temperatures, or they can choose to take in the glorious spring blooms and charming fall colours of Europe.”

Here are a few sample itineraries clients can choose from in the new Seasons brochure …

Athens and Three Continents Cruise – 11 Days

Visiting Greece, Egypt and Turkey, clients on this journey will discover the world’s most ancient lands in the Mediterranean. For seven days, guests venture off on a multi-continent cruise full of history, archeology, religion and culture. Clients will explore Ephesus, the ancient Green city on the coast of Ionia with their Local Expert. Cairo will reveal lessons of Egyptian history where clients admire the remaining wonders of the ancient world.

Glories of Greece & Three Continents Cruise – 15 Days

Delve into the history of ancient civilizations with an expert in antiquities to explore the wonders of Kalambaka and Olympia. Guests meet the artisans of a family-run pottery studio and learn about their unique traditional methods in Mycenae. In Athens, a Local Expert will guide clients as they ascend the Acropolis to take in the sights of the ancient Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Porch of the Maidens on the Erechteion.

Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague – 10 Days

In Budapest guests visit a traditional strudel house and learn about the art of making the Hungarian local delicacy. In Vienna, a host of specially selected restaurants with deliciously authentic dining await that clients can chose from for a Dine-Around evening.

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