Insight Vacations launches new ‘Luxury Gold’ itineraries
Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation and Cris David, president of Insight Vacations Canada.

Insight Vacations launches new ‘Luxury Gold’ itineraries

TORONTO — Insight Vacations is launching a new style of travel branded ‘Luxury Gold by Insight Vacations’.

Introduced last night at a presentation at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, the new brand has been created to meet current and future growth in the market for luxury vacations.

In 2010, 4% of Canadians had incomes over $250,000, this will rise to 10% by 2016. This combined with an aging population puts Insight in a strong position to meet the demands of a demographic looking for a comfortable luxury experience.

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“For the first time in history, there are more Canadians over of 65, than under 15,” said Cris David, president of Insight Vacations Canada, “and these aging baby boomers have the time and they have the discretionary income to purchase travel experiences. An estimated 18% of seniors will be retired in 2016 and they are ready and they are primed to travel and there has never been a better opportunity to introduce an exceptional leisure travel product like Luxury Gold.”

Also in attendance was Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation, who spoke about the commitment the company has to quality. “We don’t have loyalty programs, we prefer to take that money and to re-invest in training our staff and providing a better service, because that is what brings people back.”

The new collection has over 30 itineraries in Europe, India, Bhutan, Nepal, North America and South America and will focus on four major selling points:

Insight Vacations launches new ‘Luxury Gold’ itineraries

  • Luxury travel defined: Clients will journey in style, travelling on WiFi-equipped luxury motorcoaches with limousine legroom and receive personal service and attention from Insight Vacations’ Travelling Concierges. They will receive a personal airport welcome and roundtrip private transfers, luggage delivered to their room and all restaurant, hotel and guide tips covered.
  • Michelin never tasted so good: Each Luxury Gold European vacation includes dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • Hotel Elegance Elevated: Clients will be staying at the finest hotels, selected for service and location.
  • Exclusively VIP: There are no added extras with included experiences that will enable clients to go behind the scenes of the world’s most iconic attractions, events and excursions.

These sales points will be used in conjunction with the marketing campaign that reintroduces popular spokeswoman Lisa Ray. The operator has also launched a dedicated micro-site at

To celebrate the launch, Cris David announced that they would be giving away six spots on 7-night Luxury Gold tour of France in August to the top selling agents. The contest has already begun and will be running until the end of May.

Clients can also take advantage of Insight Vacations’ Early Payment Discount offer by saving up to $1,936 per couple, if they pay in full before Nov. 19, 2015.

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