Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold give back for Earth Month

Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold give back for Earth Month

TORONTO — With April being Earth Month, Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold recently launched Global Volunteer Day on April 11 to encourage team members around the world to give back to their local communities.

Launched in collaboration with TreadRight Foundation, the sister brands teamed up with One Tree Planted, a not-for-profit organization focused on global reforestation and also an existing partner of Luxury Gold, for such initiatives as a tree-planting day, picking up litter and cleaning up shorelines.

As part of The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, Insight Vacations Cares and Luxury Gold Cares are founding members of The TreadRight Foundation. Along with One Tree Planted, Insight has committed to planting one tree in California for every guest who chooses to receive their travel documents electronically as e-Documents, while Luxury Gold has made the same commitment in India.

In Canada on April 11, both teams hosted a volunteer day at the Oak Ridges Trail in partnership with One Tree Planted, where team members volunteered in a local community in the Greater Toronto Area. Some team members recorded the growth and health of trees planted last fall, while others helped to extrapolate Buckthorns, an invasive species that threatens the survival of native tree species.

“The Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold teams have once again shown how we can all work to make travel matter for people, wildlife and the planet,” says Shannon Guihan, Program Director, The TreadRight Foundation. “Thanks to TTC’s commitment to providing team members two paid volunteer days every year and their partnership with One Tree Planted, we are all able to create positive impacts for our communities. A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers and our partners at One Tree Planted for their inspiring work.”

According to Ulla Hefel Böhler, global CEO of Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold, more than 40 acres of trees have been planted on behalf of Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations, which is celebrating its 41st anniversary, prior to Global Volunteer Day. “Thanks to the sustainable choices made by our guests every day and the Global Volunteer Day efforts by our team members worldwide, an additional 10-plus acres of trees will be planted through the first quarter of 2019 alone,” she says.