‘Imagine Your Korea Specialist’ Learning Centre course available now

TORONTO — The Korea Tourism Organization has launched its newest training program on Travelweek’s Learning Centre, offering the opportunity for agents to learn about the unique experiences available in Korea.

With more than 190,000 Canadians travelling to the destination in 2018, Korea is a hotspot for travellers. The ‘Imagine Your Korea Specialist’ course touches on topics ranging from Korea’s history and culture to its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“The travel tips section will help agents prepare themselves for questions from consumers about the destination, and make it easier to sell the destination whether or not they have visited Korea,” says Randy Snape, National Marketing Manager, Korea Tourism Organization.

By taking the course, agents will learn about what sets Korea apart from its neighbours, and the numerous highlights incorporated in the cuisine, culture as well as the DMZ, he adds.

“As the only divided country on earth and so many changes taking place along the DMZ, given the warming tensions between the two Koreas, there may be little time left before the opening of the border between this divided nation.”

General information, transport, accommodation, activities, events and all that’s needed to sell the destination is available on the Learning Centre in four modules.

The program also highlights the best ways to do custom itinerary planning for Korea-bound clients, including the tour operators that are able to sell and create packages, as well as information on flights and other details.

For agents who complete the course by Oct. 31, 2019, there is a chance to win a $30 Tim Hortons gift card.

Visit travelweeklearningcentre.com to get started today.

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