Icelandair pairs up passengers with a Stopover Buddy

Icelandair pairs up passengers with a Stopover Buddy

Travelling is way more fun when done with a friend, just ask Icelandair.

The airline launched its new Stopover Buddy service this week , which “aims to provide visitors to Iceland an authentic Icelandic experience.” Since the 1960s, Icelandair has given passengers the opportunity to explore the destination on their way to Europe. Now, with this new program, they can explore Iceland like a native – with a native.

“We’re thrilled to offer this unique service that allows our guests to experience Iceland as an Icelander. We have worked closely with our colleagues to discover their interests, hobbies and unrivalled local knowledge, which will make for some truly unique and personalized experiences when paired as a Buddy. The Stopover Buddy service will give our passengers an authentic taste of Iceland and we look forward to hearing about their journeys,” says Birkir Holm Gudnason, CEO at Icelandair.

Passengers flying to Europe on Icelandair can request a Stopover Buddy with similar travel interests, like hiking, nature, food, culture or city sightseeing. The assigned local ‘Buddy’ will tailor a trip based on their shared interests; the time spent together is up to the passenger and their Buddy.

Birkir, 41, is one of the available Buddies, offering passengers a tour of his hometown and a day of backcountry skiing. Visitors can also pair up with Margret, 64, a flight attendant of 30 years who is an expert on geothermal springs, or with travel consultant Inga, 45, for a cooking lesson in traditional Icelandic fish dishes. For the more active, Dagur, 51, who has worked in Icelandair’s IT department for 20 years, is on hand for running or cycling tours.

The Stopover Buddy service will be available free of charge, from now to April 30.

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