Iberostar’s new ‘Star Camp’ kids’ program launching this summer

Iberostar’s new ‘Star Camp’ kids’ program launching this summer

MADRID — Iberostar Hotels & Resorts’ new Star Camp gives a boost to the hotel company’s family-friendly offering with a new program that emphasizes both education and entertainment.

This program will launch this summer at all Iberostar hotels.

An extensive program of creative activities has been designed to enable children to develop all of their talents and abilities, “turning them into mini journalists, chefs, artists or film directors while enjoying a unique holiday experience in a fun environment created especially for them”, says Iberostar.

The program even gets its inspiration from the Scout movement. The Star Camp kids’ program includes more than 140 activities divided into 12 categories: physical leisure activities; precision and accuracy activities; team sports; social events; group challenges; outdoor; artistic expression; arts and crafts; board games, learning activities; scientific activities; and technology-based activities.

It’s educational entertainment, says Iberostar, that encourages children’s integral growth and development based on values that form part of Iberostar’s philosophy: cooperation, empathy, healthy habits, the development of technological awareness, the value of diversity and environmental care.

The Monkeys group includes children ages four to seven years. Dolphins is for kids eight to 12, while 13 to 17-year olds are in the Eagles group.

Highlights for the kids include cooking programs; recreating artworks; guessing the ingredients in the dishes featured in the Sensory Menu; filming their own short movie; becoming journalists or publicists for the day or star in their own impromptu videoclip; working with clay to bring out the artist in them and taking eco-friendly hikes.

The educational initiatives for children on the Star Camp program also include one day a week dedicated entirely to the oceans. Activities include hunting for microplastics on the beach or crafting sessions using recycled materials, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability reflected through its ‘Wave of Change’ initiative.

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