Hope springs eternal: Japan’s cherry blossoms bloom early following extreme weather
Himeji, Japan at Himeji Castle

Hope springs eternal: Japan’s cherry blossoms bloom early following extreme weather

TOKYO — Leave it to Japan to find the silver lining of a typhoon.

As reported on cnn.com, Japan’s famed ‘sakura’, or cherry blossoms’, are enjoying an early-season bloom, thanks to the extreme weather that has plagued the country throughout the summer months.

Officials have declared that the summer of 2018 will go down in history as one of the most brutal weather seasons Japan has ever seen. In June, Osaka was struck by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake that killed five and injured 400, which was then followed by biblical-like rainfall in early July that left 225 dead.

From July to August, the country was hit with an extreme heatwave, and was again assaulted by Typhoon Jebi on Sept. 4, the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years. Just two days later, a 6.7-magnitude quake rocked Hokkaido in the early morning hours.

But now, Japan is in full recovery mode and is seeing hope on the horizon in the form of blossoms. Japan-based Weather News has reported over 350 flower trees throughout the country, months ahead of schedule. In most major cities in Japan, the cherry blossom season typically takes place in early April.

According to tree surgeon Hiroyuki Wada, who spoke with Japan’s NHK news agency, the Somei-yoshino variety of cherry blossom develops its buds during the summer, but they are prevented from blooming due to a hormone released by the trees’ leaves. Due to the fact that many of the trees lost their foliage during the summer’s storms, there has been nothing to stop the buds’ development, thus resulting in a dazzling array of earlier-than-expected blossoms.

So if you’ve got clients headed to Japan in the next few weeks, be sure to give them a head’s up to ‘look up’ and enjoy the view.

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