Hold onto your pants! Podcast about pooping & travelling out now

TORONTO — S*** just got real on a new podcast devoted entirely to pooping while travelling.

It happens to the best of us, whether you’re in a Nepalese temple, or on an overnight bus, or in the middle of the Pantheon amid a crowd of tourists. A sudden #2 attack while abroad can be both horrifying and hilarious, and Kim Napier and Phil Sylvester, hosts of The World Nomads Podcast, are putting poop on full blast on today’s episode.

“There’s no shame. I’ve done it in every country I’ve visited. It even happened to me in Tokyo on Takeshita Street,” said Napier.

The World Nomads Podcast usually profiles some of the most exotic locations on earth and includes interviews with intrepid travellers who inspire others to seek out adventure. But the idea of this s***** episode came about after several guests shared their tales of woe after recording had stopped.

“It’s happened to us all, so we thought it was time we told the truth about travel and switched the microphones back on,” said Sylvester.

In the episode, adventure travel blogger Jarryd Salem recounts his harrowing tales in Guatemala, China, Thailand and Australia, while author and blogger Jason Torchinsky shares an unfortunate tale in the shower that involved a gallon Ziploc bag (it doesn’t sound pretty).

To listen to or download the episode go to worldnomads.com/podcasts.

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