Hippo Express rebrands itself as ENVOY with help from RadonicRodgers

Hippo Express rebrands itself as ENVOY with help from RadonicRodgersTORONTO — After more than 15 years servicing the travel industry, Hippo Express has teamed up with the marketing company RadonicRodgers to rebrand itself as ENVOY.

To make this transition as seamless as possible, RadonicRodgers conducted research as part of a proprietary methodology called ‘Operation Strategy’. A Positioning Report was drafted to identify Hippo’s position in the marketplace in relation to its competitors. What the research concluded was that Hippo Express required a new name and marketing phrase to strengthen its position as a company in a way that supported its core values.

RadonicRodgers helped identify the three main brand pillars that would become the foundation of the new brand. These include: Partnerships, which represents ENVOY’s depth in the travel industry, its network of agencies and relationships; Intelligence, which includes distribution technology and travel industry insights; and Reach, the understanding of distribution channels within the industry on behalf of clients.

As part of the rebranding, ENVOY has also debuted a new visual identity, which was crafted to suggest its multiplicity of travel industry contacts, its plethora of services and the technology behind ENVOY’s data flow.

“We decided to work with RadonicRodgers on account of their intimate knowledge of the travel industry and their wealth of renaming and rebranding experience,” said Glen Harwood, President of ENVOY. “I am extremely happy with the new name and logo and it has been very well received by our existing and potential customers.”

ENVOY is a distribution and fulfillment company that specializes in providing the travel industry with custom marketing solutions. It offers a complete range of specialized logistics and warehouse capabilities, including (but not limited to): poster/video/promotion document fulfillment, response card requests, label generation, storage of printed materials, delivery, online brochure re-ordering, brochure pre-order and hosting, targeted mailing lists, printing services and marketing support.

For more information, visit envoynetworks.ca and radonicrodgers.com.

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