Highlighting Germany’s traditions will be theme for 2015
German Consul General for Toronto Walter Stechel with Antje Splettstoesser, Director Marketing & Sales Canada for the German National Tourist Office

Highlighting Germany’s traditions will be theme for 2015

TORONTO — Germany’s customs and traditions will be the theme of the country’s marketing efforts in 2015, it was announced last night during a taste of German Christmas media reception at the Residence of the Consul General in Toronto.

The country that is widely believed to have invented the Christmas tree and which is renowned for its Christmas markets, has its own set of customs and traditions during the holiday season.

The German consul general in Toronto Walter Stechel explained that in Germany, Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 24, which is also when the tree is put up. “At one time it would have contained real candles and the decorations on the tree were important,” he told the assembled group.

“Usually the father rings a bell, the doors open and the children see the tree.” Then they sing songs and have dinner before opening presents. Many traditional Christmas handicrafts are still made today in Saxony including the colourful hand painted wooden tree ornaments, the nutcracker kings and soldiers, and the bare-bottomed orchestra angel.

During 2015, Germany’s many festivals, street markets and folkloric events celebrating historic dates, arts, crafts or culinary delights will take centre stage. Among the events are the Mardi Gras street carnivals in the Rhineland; reenactments, such as the German Peasants’ War (1523-25) in the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen in May; and Martin Luther’s Wedding in Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt in June.

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