Here’s why Malaysia makes for the perfect wellness getaway

Here’s why Malaysia makes for the perfect wellness getaway

KUALA LUMPUR — Why is Malaysia an ideal wellness destination? Like everything else in the country, wellness in Malaysia is influenced by both its natural landscapes and its multicultural diversity. Malaysia, through its biodiversity and bounty of cultural offerings, is able to meet the demands of wellness travellers today, which span much wider than just a day at the spa. From tranquil forest retreats, natural hot springs and volcanic mud pools, to quiet beach getaways and remote lakeside escapes, Malaysia is able to deliver a vast range of authentic experiences that wellness travellers won’t soon forget.


Global recognition

The Global Wellness Institute ranked Malaysia among its Top 10 wellness tourism markets in the Asia Pacific region in 2019. Plus, according to the Global Medical Tourism Index, which assesses destinations based on attractiveness for medical travel, economy, public image, healthcare costs and quality of care, Malaysia ranks eighth in the world. This combination of excellent wellness options and state-of-the-art healthcare makes Malaysia a worthy contender in the global wellness industry.

Here’s why Malaysia makes for the perfect wellness getaway

Connecting with nature

There’s a growing trend among travellers looking to rejuvenate by being one with nature, to self-reflect whilst immersing themselves in the unspoiled beauty of Mother Nature. Renowned for its natural beauty, Malaysia boasts balmy temperatures ranging between 30-35 degrees and is home to natural landscapes that span 4,600 kilometres of coastline and 878 islands, many of which are still uninhabited and adorned with ancient rainforest that dates back some 130 million years. Here, visitors will find majestic waterfalls, lakes, river tributaries, undulating highlands and breathtaking mountain ranges.



Unique encounters

Unique wellness experiences abound in Malaysia. The destination aims to provide authentic experiences that are uniquely Malaysian, that visitors will not find anywhere else in the world. One such experience is the ‘Urutan Malaysia’ signature massage, which combines traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous massage techniques with herbal remedies, resulting in the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. For more details go to


Promoting Wellness

Malaysia promotes health and wellness offerings through its various wellness festivals, where facilitators, instructors and wellness professionals congregate from all over the world. One such festival is ‘Murfest’, which Malaysia has been hosting for the past seven years. Considered Asia’s premier wellness and lifestyle festival, Murfest offers a transformative experience through music, dance, yoga, meditation and a combination of modern and traditional healing practices over the course of three days. For more details go to

Here’s why Malaysia makes for the perfect wellness getaway

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