Here are important Egypt visa tips for when global travel resumes

TORONTO — Looking ahead to the day when Canadians can travel again, Egypt Online Visa is encouraging agents to inspire travel to Egypt and familiarize themselves with the destination’s visa application process.

Noting how agents can help their clients “get the right travel information and make their trips hitch-free,” the service suggests applying for an online visa as early as possible to allow for enough time for it to be processed.

Depending on the type of visa and passport used for travel, it is possible that some entry requirements may differ from others. Travel agencies should keep their clients informed of the particular requirements for their travels. Here are some important entry requirements:

Canadian passport: Agents must ensure that clients hold a valid Canadian passport prior to the time of travel to Egypt. In most acceptable cases, the passport must remain valid well over five months after their departure to Egypt. This requirement is necessary so that Canadians in Egypt, during the period of their stay do not get restricted as a result of an invalid passport. In order to avoid this scenario, inform clients of the need to renew their Canadian passport as soon as they plan to travel.

Visas: Egypt requires Canadians to hold a visa as a requirement for entry. Since visits to Egypt have different purposes, including business, education, tourism and conferences, agents need to help clients obtain the correct required visa.

Visa fees: Canadian tourists, students and business personnel should note that visa fees required at the nearest Egyptian embassy. A tourist visa is estimated at US$25 and $60 for single and multiple entry visas, respectively. Alternatively, agents can help clients obtain their online visas from the Egyptian travel official website.

Health information: The document of immunization proofs and other necessary tests must be presented before access can be granted to Canadians at the Egyptian embassy. Travel agencies must inform their clients of all tests. Foreigners who travel on study or training purposes and extend their stay over one month must be tested for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

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