Heatwave in Miami just in time for holidays

Sweltering heatwave in Miami just in time for holidays

MIAMI — It’s not feeling a lot like Christmas across South Florida. In fact, it’s sunny, hot and humid.

Miami shattered a record Monday with a high temperature of 86 degrees.

University of Miami tropical weather expert Brian McNoldy tells the Miami Herald a confluence of unlucky weather is to blame. Cold fronts that typically cool off the area are fizzling before they arrive. And, to the south, a high pressure ridge keeps pushing along warm air from the tropics.

It is the second toasty December for South Florida. Or, as McNoldy says, the area has “gotten gypped out of two nice Decembers in a row.

McNoldy says last year’s heat — accompanied by record rainfall — was part of an intense El Nino. But this year’s heat is much more localized.

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