Heathrow forced to cancel 10% of flights due to fog

Heathrow forced to cancel 10% of flights due to fog

LONDON — A heavy fog has blanketed much of Britain, forcing the country’s busiest airport to cancel approximately 10% of flights today.

Heathrow reported about 45 cancelled flights, with disruption expected to continue into Tuesday. London City airport was also closed to all flights for several hours, while Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds Bradford and Cardiff airports were affected as well, reports the BBC.

According to the Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service, visibility fell to just 100 metres at Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Luton airports on Monday morning, and 150 metres at Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and Doncaster Sheffield. And although it seems that fog is lifting in certain areas, the Office predicts it will return with a vengeance after dark.

Elsewhere in Europe, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris Charles De Gaulle all reported disruptions due to fog.

This is now day two of weather disruptions, with airports – including Heathrow – cancelling approximately 50 flights on Sunday.

Passengers expecting to travel today or Tuesday are advised to check their flight status with the airline.

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