Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers an undersea voyage like no other

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers an undersea voyage like no other

For travellers to Maui who are truly looking for an out-of-the-box experience like no other, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures may be just the thing. This new ocean adventure company on Maui is putting its own spin on eco-tourism, transforming ‘Under the Sea’ dreamers of all ages into real-life mermaids for a day.

“We are thrilled to offer this incredibly memorable experience, especially to anyone who has dreamt of becoming a mermaid,” said Timothy Lara, owner, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures. “With Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, guests can explore the ocean, coral reefs and underwater wildlife in a fun and unique way.”

Safety is at the forefront of Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, and all mermaid instructors are CPR, lifeguard and marine naturalist certified. The company is part of Hawaiian Paddle Sports, also owned by Lara.

After practicing getting in and out of mermaid tails on land, guests practice ocean swimming as mermaids, ultimately transforming into these other-worldly sea creatures. Guests learn ocean mysteries and global myths about mermaids, from sailor’s tales to mermaid names.

Becoming a mermaid is a first step in becoming a lifelong ocean steward. Before entering the water, guides demonstrate proper water etiquette, how to identify native fish species and highlight important conservations issues. Guides also conduct mini-beach clean ups before each lesson.

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures recommends their adventures for families (especially mothers and daughters), girlfriend getaways, bridal parties and more. Mermaid tails are unisex, so mermen are not left out. The 1.5 hour excursions are exclusive to one party, and groups are not combined. Hawaii Mermaid Adventures provides complimentary beach and underwater digital photography with every swimming lesson.

Should guests wish to continue their undersea adventures at home, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers mermaid tails for purchase.

For more information about Hawaii Mermaid Adventures or for reservations, visit hawaiimermaidadventures.com.