Hahn Air adds more perks for travel agents

Hahn Air adds more perks for travel agents

DREIECH — Hahn Air has launched additional benefits for registered travel agents as part of the evolution of its portfolio of services for partners worldwide.

Extra benefits include VIP flights aboard Hahn Air’s aircraft, as well as discounts on courses provided by the Hahn Air Business School.

With its global infrastructure of connections to all major GDS and memberships in almost all BSPs, Hahn enables more than 100,000 agents worldwide to issue the services of over 350 air, rail and shuttle partners on its HR-169 ticket. Besides these ticketing solutions, the airline also offers a growing list of services that simplify travel agents’ daily business life, ranging from generally accessible to registered agents only.

Following a one-time registration on its corporate website, travel agents from over 190 markets can take advantage of the services. These have now been extended to include a VIP journey from Dusseldorf to Luxembourg aboard one of Hahn Air Lines’ bizjet aircrafts at 50% off the official Product Experience Programme (PEP) rate.

These additional advantages are offered on top of standard benefits, such as Securtix, Hahn Air’s insolvency insurance covering all partner carriers, the 14-day refund guarantee, and the GDS Ticketing Assistant, which includes instructions on how to issue HR-169 tickets in GDS’s. Registered agents have also had access to a free waiver for one Agency Debit Memo (ADM) per rolling year, and the ability to use Hahn Air’s HR e-Payment, a secure UATP-based payment solution for HR-169 tickets.

Finally, all account users have also been able to participate in games and competitions for a chance to win prizes.

“The travel agent community is the reason for our business and we are constantly trying to create new and exciting ways to foster even stronger relationships between us. We appreciate their growing interest in our portfolio and value their trust in our ticketing solutions”, says Kimberley Long, Vice President Sales and Agency Distribution.

For more information go to hahnair.com/en/services-travel-agents.

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