Great reception for first-ever LGBTQ wedding fam, says Transat

Great reception for first-ever LGBTQ wedding fam, says Transat

MONTREAL — Transat Distribution (TDC) says its first-ever LGBTQ destination wedding fam was a “huge success”.

Taking place last week in Puerto Vallarta with 35 TDC agents from across Canada, the fam was an industry first and exclusively offered by Transat Distribution Canada to their network of Travel Professionals. 

The fam included comprehensive training on LGBTQ destination weddings and the special requirements of the LGBTQ wedding market including site inspections, mock LGBTQ destination weddings and in-class training.

Transat says the program was developed in response to the growing demand for LGBTQ destination weddings following consultation with LGBTQ wedding expert Bernadette Smith, CEO, the Equality Institute.

“Our 2018 wedding survey of engaged and married LGBTQ couples tells us that nearly 50% of these couples fear discrimination when wedding planning. TDC agents now have the tools and expertise to guide these couples towards a safe and joyful experience as they plan their weddings and honeymoons. This creates a win for everyone,” said Smith.

The week included mock weddings which were a highlight as the participants were able to experience LGBTQ destination weddings firsthand, giving them a glimpse into current trends and offerings to better support their couples.

Justin M. Clarey from Marlin Travel in Port Hope said attending the LGBTQ-focused wedding fam “was an incredible experience and one that made me profoundly proud to be part of the TDC network.”

He added: “For some LGBTQ couples, choosing a destination wedding comes with a lot of anxiety. It is important as Travel Professionals to be well trained to ensure all of our couples feel included and valued. It is truly touching to see Transat develop this initiative demonstrating their support of the LGBTQ community.”

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