Grasshoppers invade Las Vegas: Is this the end of the world?

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas has long been the destination of choice for girlfriend getaways and bachelor parties. But this past weekend, a new niche market made its debut in Sin City: The Grasshopper Exodus.

Videos and photos of swarms of grasshoppers descending upon the city last week have swept social media, showing thousands of the critters flying through the sky, buzzing down The Strip, covering sidewalks and dropping from ceilings.
Was it a sign of the biblical plague? Nope, just a by-product of wet weather several months ago, says entomology experts.

Nevada state entomologist Jeff Knight told reporters on Thursday the number of adult pallid-winged grasshoppers travelling north to central Nevada is unusual but not unprecedented, and poses no danger.

Knight says the insects don’t carry disease, don’t bite, and probably won’t damage anybody’s yard before they’re gone in a few weeks.

He says they’re usually attracted to ultraviolet light sources.

Knight recalls several similar migrations in his more than 30 years at the state Department of Agriculture, including one about six or seven years ago.

This year, the Las Vegas area recorded more rain in six months than the annual average of just under 4.2 inches (10.7 centimetres) per year.

With file from The Associated Press