Grandmother’s bag sparks bomb scare at Brisbane Airport

Grandmother’s bag sparks bomb scare at Brisbane Airport

BRISBANE — Brisbane Airport recently had a bit of a scare after an elderly woman arrived from Mumbai carrying a bag emblazoned with the word ‘bomb’.

In these tense times, you can imagine the level of panic such a sight would stir. But as it turns out, it was all just an innocent mistake, said the woman’s daughter.

The story starts with Venkata Lakshmi, a grandmother with limited English who recently flew on her own from Mumbai via Singapore to celebrate her 65th birthday. Nervous about travelling solo, Lakshmi thought it’d be a good idea to write both her departing and arriving airports on her bag. But after realizing she didn’t have enough space to spell out ‘Bombay’ (the name many Indians still use for Mumbai), the end result read: “BOMB TO BRISBANE”.

After interrogating her at the airport and going through the contents of her bag, the Australian Federal Police determined that the sweet-looking grandmother posed no threat and let her go. She was then reunited with her grandchildren who were waiting for her at the arrivals gate.

According to Lakshmi’s daughter, Devi Jothiraj, her mother understands she made a mistake and was mortified over the “mix-up”, reports Yahoo7 News.

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