Gotham City or Metropolis? They’re Turkish Airlines’ newest destinations

Gotham City or Metropolis? They’re Turkish Airlines’ newest destinations

TORONTO — Turkish Airlines is introducing Batman’s Gotham City and Superman’s Metropolis as its newest U.S. ‘destinations’. It’s all part of the carrier’s partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures that gives fans an inside look into the world of the iconic Super Heroes facing off for the first time on the big screen when ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ comes arrives in movie theatres March 25.

A pivotal scene in the movie unfolds aboard a 777 Turkish Airlines plane. With less than two months to go before the film’s premiere, Turkish Airlines is unveiling innovative movie-themed experiences starting with an invitation for travellers to ‘book’ flights to two new U.S. destinations – Gotham City and Metropolis.

From Feb. 8 until mid-March Turkish Airlines is inviting fans and newcomers alike to visit or to reserve ‘flights’ and begin their journey into the world of Gotham City and Metropolis. In doing so participants get an exclusive virtual view into the life of each city, including the activities, culture and nightlife.

With the Gotham City and Metropolis virtual experience as the centerpiece of its partnership with Warner Bros., Turkish Airlines is also sponsoring the movie’s premieres and will offer eight fans the opportunity to attend one of these gala events.

Turkish Airlines is also unveiling its movie-themed activations, including:

  • An exclusive 777 Turkish Airlines wrapped in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice imagery;
  • Limited edition movie-themed in-flight amenity kits for adults, which includes an eye mask and slippers;
  • Limited edition movie-themed in-flight amenity kits for kids including headphones, slippers and a watch;
  • Movie-themed in-flight menu items, such as branded cookies and cupcakes;
  • Time Out travel guide featuring content focusing on Gotham City and Metropolis, which will be distributed to moviegoers, passengers and at select venues;
  • A special edition frequent flyer Miles & Smiles card.

Fans can also join the online conversation around the movie using the hashtags #flytogotham and #flytometropolis.

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