Get to know Australia’s Heron Island, land of sun and sea turtles

Get to know Australia’s Heron Island, land of sun and sea turtles

TORONTO — Have you heard of Heron Island in Australia? You will soon as the destination is quickly gaining a reputation for being a must-see destination.

The coral cay, located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, has ranked fourth for Queensland on Wotif’s Top 10 Best Island list. Fringed by white sands, crystal clear waters and gardens of coral, Heron Island is home to vibrant marine life and is famous for its incredible scuba diving and snorkelling, with more than 20 dive sites available. Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau even ranked it as one of his top 10 dive sites in the world.

For visitors looking to unplug, a 40-minute slow boat from Heron Island will take them to neighbouring Wilson Island where they can camp out in style. Just 5.4 hectares in size, this pint-sized island gem hosts just nine beachfront glamping tents surrounded by coastal trees. There’s no Wi-Fi, emails or phones, giving guests the chance to really enjoy the sand, reef and sunshine.

For the ultimate stay on Heron Island, guests can time their visit during peak sea turtle season. Though they can swim with turtles year round on the island, from November to early March is when hundreds of sea turtles return to Heron Island following their annual breeding and nesting season. During the period from December to April, guests can view hatchlings erupt from their nests.

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