Get a taste for Italy’s la dolce vita with new VR experiences from Contiki

Get a taste for Italy’s la dolce vita with new VR experiences from Contiki

TORONTO — Contiki is giving agents and their clients the opportunity to experience ‘try before you fly’ Virtual Reality (VR) content showcasing one of its most popular destinations: Italy.

Available via the Explor VR app, Contiki’s four VR Italy experiences highlight Rome, Florence, Venice and the Amalfi Coast.

“At Contiki we are always innovating and trying new technologies. We have been developing VR videos for the past few years and really love giving our travellers a chance to experience the closest thing to being on a trip with us,” says Gabrielle Nydam, Contiki Canada President.

Agents can access Contiki’s Italy VR content by downloading the Explor VR app onto their smartphones. The app is available through Apple’s App Store as well as through Google Play, or see While the content can be viewed on a mobile phone, getting a VR headset will help give clients a full immersive experience. Headsets can be ordered at and agents can save 10% with promo code CONTIKI.

“Travel is intangible, and VR allows people to be transported to that destination. It provides users with a better understanding of what travelling with a certain tour operator can be like,” continues Nydam. “It’s also giving clients a new way to engage before they go, beyond static pictures and hype reels. We sell the dream of travel and VR offers you that sense of space and being there that is truly unique.”

Ideal for use in-office as well as at trade shows and events, VR engages clients on a new level and in the case of Italy, opens a virtual door to the land of la dolce vita.

“While VR is a great way to experience a slice of the world, it will never beat the actual experience of travel. One can only truly experience our beautiful world by actually being, smelling and tasting it in real life,” says Nydam.

With sun-kissed beaches, snow-capped mountains and cosmopolitan cities to explore, an Italian travel adventure is a real European must-do, says Contiki. The travel company for 18-to-35 year olds offers more than 40 trips to Italy, from eight days to a whopping 47-day experience.

The Contiki Italian vacation offers clients an immersive journey through Italia. And when in Rome, clients eat like the locals. Each Contiki trip is packed with foodie experiences, from a No Regrets Inclusion of wine tasting in Tuscany on the new ‘Italian Bellissimo’ trip, to a Free Time Add-on in the form of a pizza cooking class and dinner in Rome on the ‘Italian Espresso’ itinerary.

The Contiki Italian program also offers cultural experiences including a special access Roman sightseeing tour (with express entrance to the Colosseum) and a day trip to the Isle of Capri.

“Italy is like an outdoor museum, home to an abundance of the world’s most revered museums. You can wander any street in Italy, and it will transport you back in time – from the Roman times to the Renaissance,” says Nydam. “It also has a fantastic coast that our travelers love to explore, from Capri to Cinque Terra – Italy’s seaside just is pure magic. And finally, the food! Oh, the glorious food. From pasta, pizza and gelato, it’s simply a foodie’s paradise.”

Clients can save up to 10% off Contiki’s Summer Europe 2018 trips if they book by Feb. 21, 2018 during Contiki’s new ‘Travel Styles’ campaign.

Select Italy trips that are part of the campaign include the 10-night ‘Italian Belissimo’ (save up to $531); the 12-day ‘Simply Italy’ (save up to $505) and ‘Trial to Rome’ (save up to $895).

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