German amusement park shuts down ride after realizing it looks like flying swastikas

LÖFFINGEN, GERMANY — Germany is proud of many things – castles, bratwurst and beer are among its most popular tourist offerings. Amusement rides that look like flying swastikas, however? Not so much.

A new ride called the ‘Adlerflug’, or ‘Eagles Flight’, at the Tatzmania amusement park in southwest Germany raised quite a few eyebrows after its launch after people noticed its peculiar – and unfortunate – design. While in operation, the ride’s eagle-shaped cars looked just like two spinning swastikas from below.

The social media outrage prompted by a video of the ride posted on Reddit led the park’s owner, Rüdiger Braun, to temporarily shut down the ride and issue a public apology.

“First of all, I would like to emphasize that I would like to apologize with all form to all persons who feel disturbed and insulted by our design,” he told the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). After promising to redesign the ride, Rüdiger said “we will have this problem under control.”

According to reports, the new redesign will feature three arms rather than four. Rüdiger maintains that he never noticed the Swastika resemblance during its preliminary stages.