GBTA’s Solombrino cleared of misconduct

GBTA launches investigation into CEO’s alleged misconduct

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Following allegations of misconduct by CEO Scott Solombrino, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and its Board of Directors have placed Solombrino on administrative leave and confirmed further investigation into the matter.

According to reports, an anonymous letter signed by “GBTA Former and Current Staff” was distributed outlining several alleged misdeeds made by the CEO, which range from making derogatory comments and excessive expenses, to creating a hostile work environment for women and racial minorities.

The GBTA Board of Directors was made aware of the allegations on June 8, which it says are “inconsistent with our commitment to professionalism and a respectful work environment.” The Board then launched an internal review, the results of which were received on June 20, and subsequently hired an independent, third-party attorney to undertake a formal investigation of all allegations.

“We want to thank everyone who has voluntarily taken part in this process and reassure you that we will do everything we can to protect your confidentiality, as outlined in the GBTA policies governing such matters,” said the Board in its official statement. “We have determined that further investigation is required in this matter. We have taken this step to affirm that this inquiry has the necessary depth, that the reviewer has sufficient time to consider and corroborate facts and statements, and to give any and all concerned parties an opportunity to come forward.”

GBTA senior staff who previously reported to Solombrino will now report directly to the Executive Committee of the Board.

Solombrino was only recently promoted to the CEO position last month. He previously served as executive director and COO.