Left to Right: Jerry Adler, Deputy Director, Director of P.R. & Communications; Gal Hana, Consul, Director of Tourism for Canada; Ellen Melman, Direction Operations & Marketing

Gal Hana is Israel’s new Consul, Director of Tourism for Canada

TORONTO — A new Consul, Director of Tourism has officially taken over the reins at the Israel Ministry of Tourism’s Canada office.

Gal Hana stepped into the role in August after serving as an advisor to the Director-General of the Ministry where he was instrumental in streamlining cross-office processes and promoting the development of projects to bolster tourism.

Before joining the Ministry, Hana served as Senior Director of National Projects in the Prime Minister’s office where he was responsible for establishing the senior division of Atudot L’Israel, a talent management program focused on promoting excellence within the Public Service Sector.

As Director of Tourism, Hana will manage the Israel Ministry of Tourism’s Canada office and work to build on its record-breaking success over the past two years.

“Arrivals from Canada have been growing steadily and our goal is to see record-growth as we continue to promote Israel as a dynamic destination that promises to delight and captivate travelers of varied interests,” said Hana. “I am grateful to the Ministry for this opportunity and look forward to realizing the full potential of the Canadian sector.”

Visitors from Canada have grown 21% over the past two years. Israel hopes to surpass this achievement in 2020 and make Canada one of the top markets for tourism to Israel.

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