G in 3: “The passion of our industry radiates all around,” says G Adventures’ MD, David Green

G in 3: “The passion of our industry radiates all around,” says G Adventures’ MD, David Green

The founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, has always said, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.

That could not ring more true for me right now as the passion of our industry, our people and our travellers radiates all around.

We dug deep when we needed to, and it’s so rewarding for me to see us reaping the rewards of those efforts as the peak travel summer season is realized.

I have just returned from an incredible team-building and idea-generating trip with some of our senior leadership community – led by Bruce – and I have never felt more inspired.

Internally, we call this event the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, and if you’ve read Bruce’s book, Looptail, you will understand the significance of this event.

I wish I could share more, but you will see the outcomes in time, and more importantly you will feel it as we bring our ideas into reality. What I can share is that we will be continuing to bring our community closer together, and to drive happiness everywhere we go.

On my travels, I feel an energy and passion for travel wherever I look. We’re all looking forward to a bright future as travel remains a top priority for many people ahead of the purchase of material possessions.

To our travel agent community: I encourage you to take a look at G Adventures (again). With guaranteed departures our NPS customer results are higher than ever, and we offer what most others don’t – a travel experience where the destination matters, supporting local communities, and we are the only company that proudly states a ‘Ripple Score’ informing travellers of the impact their dollars are making in the local community.

It might not be what someone calls you to enquire about, but trust me – you will have clients for life after their experience with G.

I’ve also continued to hit the road joining industry conferences and everywhere I go there is a sense of joy and celebration. People are reconnecting, sharing knowledge and experiences, and working on exciting projects to deliver even more epic experiences and incredible service to customers.

This passion is contagious. We bring it to our people we work alongside, and our agency partners transfer it to their customers. We all love the world we live in, are hungry for new experiences, and love giving back to the places we visit. Travel is a two-way experience, and the memories our travellers create when they connect with others truly has the power to change the world.

There will always be obstacles and challenges to overcome, but I truly believe it’s this united passion and sense of purpose that makes travel and tourism one of the best industries to work in. How can we not be grateful when we get to help people make all their travel goals and dreams come to fruition? Travel is a privilege, not a right, and we are reminded of this when we sell travel.

When it comes to the people we work with, I have felt much joy seeing our team back out on the road enjoying their fam trips – both agency fams and personal fams. Whether they work in sales, operations or marketing, there is no better way to reinvigorate ourselves on the ‘why’ and remember how much we love what we do, than by getting out and experiencing  for ourselves.

The people at the heart of this at G Adventures are our CEOs – chief experience officers – who consistently lead with service and share their passion for their countries with our travellers. These local experiences are the moments we never forget, and bring back with us to share with our friends and family by both social media and word-of-mouth.



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