G in 3: “The passion of our industry radiates all around,” says G Adventures’ MD, David Green

G in 3: “Incredibly inspiring seeing you all out in the world again,” says G Adventures’ MD, David Green

I have not felt this connected to so many people since before pandemic times, and I couldn’t be happier.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of conferences and events, building meaningful connections and celebrating the return of travel with like-minded colleagues.

It’s been incredibly inspiring seeing you all out in the world again!

This sense of connection is why I am so excited to announce G Adventures’s biggest event yet – GX – to be held in Peru this September.

This event will culminate in a one-day World Community Tourism Summit to be held on World Tourism Day, September 27, and agents have a chance to be there by participating in our Change Makers incentive.

GX will be a travel convention unlike any the world has seen before. Agents, suppliers, media and travellers will gather together from around the globe to experience firsthand what an incredible impact community tourism can have on a destination.

With almost 400 people at the GX event, it’s going to be EPIC!

The multi-day, mega-event runs from September 22-28, 2023. Presented by G Adventures, in support of its non-profit partner, Planeterra, GX will be hosted in Peru, a country which has struggled with its return to pre-pandemic tourism numbers due to recent civil unrest. Planeterra will be celebrating its 20th anniversary at the event, and G Adventures will recognize its belated 30th anniversary, which was postponed three years by the pandemic.

Agents have a chance to be in attendance as it is also being announced that the 2023 Change Makers event – revealed last month – will be hosted as part of GX. Here, 65 agents who have played their role in changing lives through travel will be brought together from different regions.

As I said, I have not felt this connected to so many people in a long time. Life is busy with so many conferences and in person meetings, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Our new GX event is yet another first for G Adventures and for the industry as a whole. If you are an agent, you will want to be there!

We work in an industry that flourishes on the connections we make. Sharing ideas, sharing stories, sharing opportunities and sharing our travel experiences all help us to become better travel experts.

A few years ago we ran Change Makers in Peru with over 180 travel agents and G staff from around the world, and we all came away changed people. Positive mindsets create positive outcomes, and GX is going to elevate us to a whole new level in our industry.

Agents can visit: https://sherpa.gadventures.com/change-makers/ and log into Sherpa, or speak to their regional global purpose specialist for more information.

More details on GX and the World Community Tourism Day will be revealed in the coming weeks. For more information on GX, please visit: https://gx.gadventures.com/.  



G Adventures’ Managing Director David Green’s monthly column, ‘G in 3’ is a 3-minute read running exclusively in Travelweek Daily in 2023

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