G Adventures’ new Comfort trips visit Belize, Patagonia, Nepal

G Adventures’ new Comfort trips visit Belize, Patagonia, Nepal

TORONTO — G Adventures has launched eight new trips in its 2015 Comfort brochure, available now.

Destinations include Belize, Central and Eastern Europe, East Africa, Ecuador (the mainland and Galapagos Islands), Patagonia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

“There are travellers looking for trips that involve more cultural interaction, but don’t compromise on the comforts of home. People are starting to realize there’s more to going on holiday than just lying on the beach,” said Aizaz Sheikh, Canadian Marketing Manager, G Adventures. The new tours have been introduced as sales of G Adventures’ Comfort trips have risen 40% year-on-year to January 2015, he added.

All of G Adventures’ Comfort trips feature accommodation that is handpicked and unique to the destination, and include extras such as airport transfers, private transport and more included meals. The trips maintain the traditional aspects of a G Adventures tour, providing a holiday where the focus is on keeping the experience truly local, and tourist dollars in the local community.

New itineraries include the 10-day Treasures of Nepal priced from $1,699 per person, the 10-day Belize Explorer from $1,699 per person and the 14-day Treasures of Sri Lanka from $2,499 per person. See gadventures.com.

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