The future is now with Aloft’s new voice-activated hotel rooms

The future is now with Aloft’s new voice-activated hotel rooms

STAMFORD, CT — Aloft Hotels has unveiled hotel rooms that are, quite possibly, smarter than the guests who stay in them.

Dubbed ‘Project: Jetson’, the top-secret experiment marks the industry’s first-ever voice activated hotel room, giving guests entirely new ways to interact using the words “Hey Siri.” Each Aloft Voice-Activated Hotel Room is equipped with an iPad running a custom Aloft app used for controlling the in-room guest experience, with HomeKit-enabled accessories including room temperature, lighting options and more.

Upon arrival, guests will launch a custom Aloft app on their in-room iPad to control various aspects of their voice-activated room. A personalized welcome screen will advise them on how to set up their room and use their own voice with “Hey Siri.” Each iPad also offers a simple tutorial to guide guests through the setup process and answer any questions they may have.

These new rooms are available today at Aloft Boston Seaport and Aloft Santa Clara. The rooms also allow guests to brose the Internet, check the weather and explore local attractions. At the end of each stay, all iPads are reset and all personal preferences are removed from the device.

“At Aloft, we are constantly pushing the envelope, our imaginations and the adaptation of technology to reinvent the hotel stay of today and tomorrow,” said Sarah Downing, Vice President, Global Guest Initiatives & Innovation, Aloft Hotels. “We love working with companies like DigiValet to help bring our visions to life. The new Aloft Voice Activated Hotel Rooms are going to change the way that our guests interact, literally, with their room during their stay with us. It’s the latest way Aloft is changing the way we all travel.”

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