Free stays at Bahia resorts with new Bahia Principe Rewards agent loyalty program
Bahia Principe

Free stays at Bahia Principe resorts with new Bahia Principe Rewards agent loyalty program

TORONTO — Bahia Principe wants to drive agent bookings with Bahia Principe Rewards, offering free stays at Bahia Principe properties and perks including spa treatments, dinners and golf as well as special travel agent rates.

Agents registering in the program will receive 250 Bahia Principe Rewards points. From there, 100 points will be awarded for each room night booked at a Grand Bahia Principe Hotel. Agents will get 125 points for each room night booked at a Luxury Bahia Principe Hotel.

“Travel agents are trusted by our customers and on the front lines of our business,” says Lluisa Salord, VP, Global Sales & Contracting. “The launch of this new program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the travel agent community and rewarding them with carefully designed experiences so they can become expert sellers of the Bahia Principe brand.”

Canada is Bahia Principe’s main market, she said, adding “we have become what we are now thanks to the Canadian market, [which] has supported us since we opened our first Bahia Principe Hotel in the D.R. nearly 22 years ago.” The company now has resorts in the D.R., Mexico and Jamaica.

To register go to Through the Bahia Principe B2B portal agents will find updated information on all Bahia Principe properties, services and products. A special section in the portal will now allow members to report, track and manage their bookings.

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