Free & Easy brings back Spain and Portugal to its lineup

Free & Easy brings back Spain and Portugal to its lineup

CALGARY — Free & Easy Traveler has set its sights on Spain and Portugal, launching two brand new trips that will take travellers through the southern regions of both countries.

According to Curtis Smith, Found and President, ’20 days in Spain and Portugal’ was actually the second ever Free & Easy-run trip after the company made its debut in Greece. Now, 15 years later, the trip has made its way back into the lineup.

“While we put it on hold to expand our operations in Southeast Asia, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be offering this trip again 15 years later. The lifestyle you find in the Mediterranean just fits the Free & Easy vibe perfectly,” said Smith.

The two new adventures will be combinable as a 20-day trip and can also be added to other Free & Easy trips in Europe to create a journey through the Mediterranean lasting up to 50 days.

In recent years, Free & Easy has made the move towards a larger offering of shorter trips. These 10-day trips have proved very popular with travellers looking for quick getaways that still move at the relaxed Free & Easy pace.

“As a travel company catering to the unique interests of today’s travellers, we have found that shorter trip options allow for more customized personal itineraries, with a Free & Easy trip often used as a jump off point for further travel in the region, or periods of solo travel interspersed with other Free & Easy adventures,” said Jeff Emmett, Marketing Director at Free & Easy Traveler.

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