Former Canadian travel agent named as Geckos Adventures’ first fitness consultant
Brent Price — Geckos’ fitness consultant

Former Canadian travel agent named as Geckos Adventures’ first fitness consultant

TORONTO — For fitness buffs, going on holiday often means sacrificing their daily workout sessions. But Geckos Adventures’ new fitness consultant is helping to ensure that vacations are focused just as much on fitness as they are on fun.

The tour company, which provides affordable adventure travel for clients ages 18-29, has added this new service to help guests stay on track with their fitness goals during their travels. The fitness consultant is a free service for anyone who books a trip with Geckos Adventures. After signing up for a trip, guests can email the consultant with their fitness goals to receive a personalized workout plan tailored to the destination.

Brent Price, an experienced Canadian travel agent turned personal trainer, will serve as Geckos’ fitness consultant. He also leads spin classes at Spin Society, trains at CrossFit and runs boot camps at Vancouver-based athletics apparel company RYU.

A sample fitness itinerary for Geckos’ Northern Thailand at a Glance’ trip might include biking in Chiang Mai, running laps around the Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, or for the more ambitious, running up all 719 steps of the town’s Buddhist temple.

“It’s notoriously easy to get off your regular fitness regimen during travel and we know being healthy is important to our Gen Y travellers,” said Leigh Barnes, North America Regional Director for Geckos Adventures. “This free option can help them plan ahead, know they’ll still be getting in a good workout and maybe even burn a few more calories than they will at home – all while seeing some amazing destinations!”

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