Flying ants take over London in a day of reckoning

Flying ants take over London in a day of reckoning

LONDON — London, England was swarmed by millions of flying insects yesterday in a scene straight of the Apocalypse.

‘Flying Ant Day’, which takes place every year, is a day when queen ants first fly out from their nests in search of male ants to mate with and begin new colonies. There is no set day when the annual mating ritual starts, but the entire buzz-worthy ordeal can last a few weeks to the dismay of Londoners.

Yesterday, July 4, appears to have been Day 1 of the ritual and it caused havoc across the city. At Wimbledon, players were seen swatting flying ants with their rackets, including Caroline Wozniacki who asked the umpire to contact tournament officials to see what could be done about the incessant buggers.

“You want to focus on playing tennis and not eating bugs,” she told the umpire.

Meanwhile, Twitterverse erupted with videos of ant colonies across the city:

That would bug out just about anyone! So if you’re heading to London in the next few weeks, it’s probably best to pack a mosquito net and keep your mouth closed the entire time.

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