calls for more airport security calls for more airport security

WASHINGTON — Air transportation has become the number one soft target for massacres and violence, as seen from the 9/11 attacks, Lockerbie, and the airport massacres in Brussels, Istanbul and now Fort Lauderdale.

TSA and the U.S. Congress were called by to provide stronger airport security after a shooting attack at LAX airport in 2013 and again in July 2016 following the attacks in Brussels and Istanbul, but nothing was done.

Now, the organization is once again demanding new emergency measures to prevent airport instances from reoccurring. These include: having the National Guard as temporary armed airport security; installing airport perimeter security to detect weapons and explosives in major airports; banning the carrying of live ammunition in checked baggage; increasing canine patrols for explosives; and placing anyone who is considered a threat by any law enforcement on the TSA Watch or No Fly list.

“Those victims at Ft. Lauderdale should not have died, and should certainly not have died in vain. Blood on the ground is unfortunately too often the price for government officials to act,” said Paul Hudson, president of, former member of the TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee and father of a Lockerbie victim. also previously supported the claim of the Whistle Blower statute to TSA and Homeland Security Dept. in 2014, and successfully opposed the reintroduction of knives on planes in 2013 by the TSA. More information can be found at

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