Flights resume in Utah reopens after winds cause 1 traffic death

Flights resume in Utah after winds cause 1 traffic death

SALT LAKE CITY — Howling winds have wreaked havoc across northern Utah, causing a major pileup on a busy highway and briefly halting flights at Salt Lake City’s airport.

Sgt. Todd Royce of the Utah Highway Patrol says the afternoon pileup caused one death and 25 injuries and closed a nearly 100-mile stretch of Interstate 80.

Eastbound lanes have reopened. But state Department of Transportation spokesman John Gleason says westbound lanes remain closed.

Meanwhile, flights have resumed at Salt Lake City International Airport after high winds caused officials to put air traffic on hold for about 30 minutes.

Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann says 15 flights were diverted Tuesday afternoon but will now proceed to Salt Lake City.

She also says the interruption and ongoing wind will mean further delays Tuesday evening.

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