Flight makes emergency landing after passenger gets stuck in bathroom

DENVER — What’s the worst possible place you can think of to be stuck in for an indeterminate amount of time? We don’t know about the worst, but an airplane bathroom is definitely up there.

Unfortunately, this was the real-life trauma of a poor passenger on United Flight 1554, which was en route to San Francisco from Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

KUSA-TV reported that Denver International Airport spokeswoman Emily Williams says that a passenger got trapped inside the bathroom after the door became stuck, though she could not confirm why or how.

If that weren’t mortifying enough for the passenger, the flight actually had to be diverted to Denver as a result.

Upon landing, Williams says the flight crew called for assistance and the Denver Fire Department responded to the airport and helped open the door.

We’re almost afraid to ask where the passenger sat during landing and how they managed to hang on tight. But based on the fact that no calls were made for medical assistance, we assume they managed just fine.

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