Five reasons why consumers should use a travel agent

Five reasons why consumers should use a travel agent

MISSISSAUGA, ON — May 6 marks the fourth annual ‘Travel Agent Day’, a day designated to celebrate travel agents and the hard work that they do.

Understanding full well the value that travel agents bring to the table, David McCaig, President and COO of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), gives five reasons why clients should book with a trusted agent.

1. Expert Advice

A consumer Googles ‘Mexico vacation’ and comes up with 17.8 million responses. What next? A travel agent has been there, knows someone who has or has a network of contacts that they can access for on-the-ground, up-to-date information that answers all their questions about destinations, transportation, documentation, immunizations, travel insurance, etc. A customer’s Internet interpreter and most reliable travel search engine is an ACTA travel agent.

2. Personal Attention

A client’s trip will be tailored to their needs and interests, whether they’re a Gen Y looking for adventure travel, on a business trip with a changing itinerary or on a family trip with special needs for toddlers and grandparents. Agents create an experience just for them.

3. Peace of Mind

Travellers have an advocate that they can call on for help before or during their travels, in case of change of plans, emergencies, cancelled flights or the unexpected.

4. Convenience & Time Savings

Travellers can surf the Internet all night or they can make one call to their ACTA travel agent. They can let someone else do the work for them and look for the best travel options within their budget, from air tickets to car rentals, lodgings to activities.

5. Trust

Agents are not an anonymous website. They’ll never ‘freeze’ and leave clients wondering if their payment went through. ACTA travel agents abide by a strict code of ethics and are dedicated to their clients’ best interests.

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