The five best treks in the world for adventure travellers

The five best treks in the world for adventure travellers

TORONTO — Got trek questions? There’s no one better person to ask than the Intrepid Group’s Regional Director for North America, Leigh Barnes.

In this next video series installment Barnes talks about his top four treks that he’s done personally, plus the next one on his bucket list.

One of his favourite memories is hiking in Nepal. “I think that was really a life-changing moment for me, it really helped me reassess where I wanted to go in my life,” he said. He encourages all travellers to go to Nepal and support the Nepalese people who are still recovering from the 2015 earthquake.

Besides planning his next trek, Barnes has also been busy with the position of Regional Director for North America, a position he was promoted to earlier this year. One of his main goals has been to give focus to the individual brands that make up the Intrepid Group: Intrepid Travel, Peregrine Adventures, Geckos Adventures and Urban Adventures.

In our Industry News video segment, Barnes explains the different selling points of the brands are:

One of the key features of an Intrepid Group trip is meeting the locals and learning new customs. In our Travel Tips video, Barnes explains some customs you might want to be aware of, and who to trust in guiding you when you’re travelling:

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