Fish with a human face spotted swimming in a lake in China

TORONTO — For anyone suffering from ichthyophobia, or fear of fish, you may want to stop reading right about now.

A creepy-looking fish was recently spotted by tourists swimming in a lake in southwestern China. It wasn’t its size or shape or colour that scared the pants off onlookers, but rather its human-like features.

With large, sunken eyes, defined nostrils, full lips and enough contouring that would make any makeup artist proud, the fish, which has since been identified as a carp by USA Today, was caught on video lurking below the water. At one point in the video, it surfaced to munch on something near the shoreline before submerging below the water again, seemingly smacking its lips.

People has since posted the video on Instagram, where it has been viewed over 500,000 times. @andyhasfun commented,“That’s not a fish, it’s Voldemort”, a reference to the evil villain in Harry Potter, while @_itsbecky46 admitted, “I can’t sleep now.”

@tamisurber64, however, said it best, saying “What the freakin’ freak show is that?!?”