First there was Japan’s men-only island, now we have Finland’s female version

First there was Japan’s men-only island, now we have Finland’s female version

FINLAND — Women are kicking butt in Hollywood and in the movies, with iconic characters like Wonder Woman leading the charge. Now, that same sisterhood mentality is carrying over into travel, with a new women-only private retreat set to debut.

According to CNN, entrepreneur Kristina Roth has created SuperShe Island off the coast of Finland. It’s able to sleep 10 in luxury cabins, offers wellness activities and, oh yes, it has a strict No Men policy. Roth, who founded the lifestyle blog SuperShe and is a former consultancy business CEO, bought the island after ironically falling in love with a Finnish man.

Before you have visions of Girls Gone Wild, it’s not that kind of island. In fact, it’s going to be very difficult for average women to book a stay at SuperShe Island, as there’s a very stringent vetting process. Roth handpicks every visitor herself, with one major requirement being having an “upbeat, cool personality”.

Despite the booking hurdles, Roth assures that the retreat will be inclusive to all women, including those from the LGBT community. Following a soft opening in June 2018 for SuperShe community members, Roth plans to officially open the island to the public in July.

SuperShe puts a spin on another island with a similar gender ban. Last year, Travelweek reported on the island of Okinoshima in Japan, which bans all women from ever stepping foot on the territory due to strict religious rules.

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