First Air, Canada’s northern airline, unveils brand new look

First Air, Canada’s northern airline, unveils brand new look

OTTAWA — After 71 years servicing northern Canada, First Air is getting a top-to-bottom makeover, complete with new livery, logo and tagline.

Two aircraft in the new livery go into service immediately, featuring a modern version of the iconic Arctic symbol, the Inuksuk. According to the company, which consulted an Inuit Elder during the design process, the new logo is representative of the people and land of the Arctic. “We never go anywhere without an Inuksuk showing the way,” said the Elder.

The airline’s new primary colours are red and grey, which Brock Friesen, President and CEO said not only represent Canada, but also stand out in the snowy Arctic.

Moreover, First Air’s tagline is now ‘Fly the Arctic’. Its operation has an Arctic responsibility attached to it, whether it’s transporting essential food, mail or medical passengers. There are no roads connecting the Arctic to southern Canada.

“We also want to inspire more tourists to visit this truly exotic destination. The Arctic is a place of wonder and increasingly, tourists from around the world are looking for out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences,” said Friesen.

The First Air flight experience is similar to business class on some airlines, and includes meals, special coffee, warm cookies and wine, all at no extra charge. Starbucks coffee was also recently added. Plus, a new Wi-Fi-based entertainment system will soon be launched on jet routes and the airline’s website is being upgraded to improve the online booking experience.

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