Hawaii's best Luau
Hawaii's best Luau

Feast & Fire luau at Outrigger Kona is a journey through Hawaii’s history

When visiting Hawaii, one of the essential must-do activities is a luau, which takes guests on a very special journey through Hawaii’s history and culture. Learn about the dance, language, and music that has shaped Hawaiian history—and enjoy an authentic luau at Outrigger Kona Resort & Spa to witness a certain kind of magic take the stage.

A Glimpse at Feast and Fire
Feast and Fire is an incredible display of music, chants and hula that honors the kūpuna (ancestors). An immersive world of dance, sound and food unfolds against the backdrop of a secluded location spanning 22 acres along Keauhou Bay with sunset views. Highlights of the luau include the sounds of conch shells, a torch-lighting ceremony and some of the best dancers and musicians in Hawaii.

This iconic Feast and Fire luau is performed by the famed Lim Family of Kohala, and with their lineage being traceable back to Alapa‘i Nui, guests are in the presence of royal descendants of the one-time ruler of Hawaii who have been iconic musicians for generations. Guests will savor soulful local favorites like slow-cooked Kalua pork and taro rolls with lilikoi butter while sipping Mai Tais and cocktails—with desserts like to-die-for lilikoi cheesecake, Kona-coffee chocolate cake and traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding (haupia). Participate in hula lessons and storytelling prior to dinner, and get the chance to check out local artisan works along the beach as the energy of the luau ramps up.

Hawaii's best Luau

Hawaii’s best Luau

From New York Fashion Week to the Luau Stage
The fashion designs featured in the performance are created by the iconic Hawaiian designer Manaola Yap. The 34-year-old self-taught designer made his debut at New York Fashion Week in 2017, and Yap frequently incorporates Hawaii’s natural beauty and culture into his designs.

A Tradition of Honoring Cultural Traditions
The Outrigger Kona Feast and Fire luau represent what a deeply engaging cultural experience can be. Guests should not miss the chance to experience an authentic Hawaiian luau, as well as the amazing watersports, beaches, and ancient Hawaiian sites of Kailua-Kona.

Kailua-Kona Insider Tip: Make sure to try ‘Ulu when you visit!

While an amazing luau will make for once-in-a-lifetime memories, it is just one of many that Outrigger offers. When booked at any of the Outrigger resorts, guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture.

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