Fancy a spin on the world’s first motorized luggage?

Fancy a spin on the world’s first motorized luggage?

LOS ANGELES — Who needs Uber when you can ride your luggage to the airport?

Luggage manufacturer Modobag has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the world’s first motorized, rideable carry-on smart luggage. The campaign funding goal of US$50,000 features limited Early Bird specials of 30% off as well as several other rewards for backers.

According to the company, Modobag “gets riders to their destination up to 3x faster than walking” and features top speeds of 8mph, a dual wheel braking system, and quick release foot pedals. Aside from the fact that it’s a bag that moves, users will also be impressed with its dual USB charging ports, high strength nylon shell, side-mounted pockets for tablets and phones, and a crushproof laptop pocket for easy access.

Made in the USA, Modobag is powered by UL Lithium batteries that last for six miles or 10 full phone charges based on an 180lb commuter. Customers also receive a Lithium Smart Charger that can utilize household outlets to fully charge the suitcase.

The smart luggage provides an optional “connected” feature that comes with a mobile companion app for iOS and Android users equipped with GPRS and GSM technology that can track Modobag’s location and send consumers “Proximity Alerts,” even if the suitcase is underground in storage (not usually detected by traditional GPS).

And at a surprisingly lightweight 19 lbs, it’s also pretty practical and perfectly sized for overhead bins. Just don’t pop a wheelie while taking it out for a spin, not if you want to be stopped by airport security.

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