False assertions, allegations in proposed class action lawsuit, says Flight Centre

TORONTO — Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. says it intends to fight back against a proposed $100 million class action lawsuit, charging that the class action suit makes several false assertions and factually incorrect allegations.

The lawsuit, filed Feb. 20 and coming to light yesterday, alleges Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. violated applicable employment standards legislation and its contracts of employment with class members by failing to pay for overtime work.

Goldblatt Partners LLP, based in Toronto, is handling the $100 million proposed class action filing, open to all current and former travel consultants who worked for Flight Centre in Canada since October 2010.

In a company statement issued by Allison Wallace, VP, Corporate Communication & CSR, The Americas for Flight Centre Travel Group, the retail travel giant responds: “Flight Centre complies with applicable employment standards legislation governing hours of work and overtime as the claim itself acknowledges.

“The claim makes several false assertions and many of the allegations are factually incorrect.

“Flight Centre denies the allegations and will be vigorously defending this claim.”

The 29-page Statement of Claim, available through a link at flightcentreclassaction.com, alleges that Flight Centre failed to ensure that hours of work were monitored and accurately recorded, among other things. The allegations mainly focus on failure to pay overtime and a work environment where employees were “required and/or permitted and/or suffered to work hours in excess of those scheduled, including hours both below and in excess of the overtime threshold under the applicable employment standards legislation, in order to carry out the duties assigned to them.”