Ana Carolina Garcia Tigerino, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nicaraguan Tourism Board (centre) with Moreno + Co.’s Jamid Sepulveda (left) and Marlon Moreno (right)

Explore Nicaragua, ‘the land of lakes and volcanoes’ with 12 new routes

TORONTO — The Nicaraguan Tourism Board is showcasing this increasingly popular destination, dubbed the ‘land of lakes and volcanoes,’ at events in Toronto and Montreal this week.

The Central American country has much to offer visitors like adventure activities, natural beauty, wellness options, culture and more. The tourism board has made it easy by creating 12 exciting routes for travellers.

Nicaragua is known for its adventure offering. A notable highlight is the increasingly popular volcano sandboarding, catering to thrill-seekers. The Cerro Negro volcano stands at a 2,400-foot elevation and after an invigorating trek to the caldera, visitors partake in an adrenaline-inducing sandboarding descent down its ebony slopes.

Other adventure activities include hiking, biking and kayaking and other watersports.

Nicaragua’s intricate history has woven an intricate fabric of art, architecture and culture, most notably in Granada.

The nation’s oldest city and a cultural nucleus, Granada marries colonial architecture with museums and performances at the central square. A quick drive to the city of Lean, the Catedral De Leon, constructed in 1610, remains an iconic emblem of this historical richness.

Nicaragua’s agrarian roots foster an ideal setting for farm-to-table culinary experiences and enjoying organic produce, run and a thriving coffee tradition.

For those enticed by nature, Nicaragua’s celebrated cloud forests beckon with rainforest canopies, birds, monkeys and much more. Volcanoes dot the country, or enjoy miles of coastline on with the Pacific or Caribbean Coast. Nicaragua even has several large lakes to enjoy and many islands to explore.

The Nicaraguan Tourism Board’s 12 new themed routes, perfect for travellers, include Route of Volcanoes, Patrimonial Cities Route, Route of Our San Juan River and more.

“When we launched this campaign, we tried to create different routes to help the travel agents get their clients all the information they need on a particular topic or region,” says Ana Carolina Garcia Tigerino, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nicaraguan Tourism Board. “Nicaragua is just such a diverse destination – from the UNESCO World Heritage sites, to the volcanoes, to all the boutique hotel offerings – it’s important to know all the wonderful things the destination has to offer Canadians.”

The in-person presentations in Toronto and Montreal explored three routes in the lesser-known northern area of the country.

  • The Jinotegan Landscape Route: Explore Apanas Lake’s tranquil waters and rolling hills. Climb Pena de La Cruz for panoramic vistas that expand your perspective. Discover La Bunjona waterfall’s captivating cascade amidst lush greenery. This route harmonizes nature and culture, offering an authentic escape from the everyday.
  • Segoviana Route: Uncover a comprehensive tourist experience in the regions of Esteli, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia. Enjoy the geological wonders of geoparks, delve into handicrafts, and conquer the majestic mountains that dominate the landscape. Travellers can immerse themselves in the indigenous communities, ecotourism or the history of the historical sites.
  • The Matagalpina Route: Coffee lovers can enjoy this route encompassing agrotourism, ecotourism, adventure, and cultural insights. Prominent highlights include the Cerro Musun Natural Reserve, known for its exceptional natural beauty, and the remarkable Salto Bilampi and La Golondrina waterfall. These destinations provide visitors with a diverse array of experiences, allowing them to engage with Nicaragua’s landscapes and cultural heritage in a meaningful way.

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