Explorations Tours product in Africa proves popular for Collette
Victoria Falls

Explorations Tours product in Africa proves popular for Collette

PAWTUCKET, RI — Africa was Collette’s top Explorations Tour destination during the tour operator’s 2022 Black Friday Sale.

The company highlighted five tours – ‘Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana’, ‘African Safari: Kenya and Tanzania’; ‘Jordan & Israel: Cultural Crossroads’; ‘Journey through Egypt & Jordan’; and ‘Plains of Africa’ – that all placed in the top 15 explorations tours during the event.

Collette’s 2022 Black Friday Sale event was a success, with travellers securing spots on tours for 2023 and 2024, says Jeff Roy, Collette’s Executive VP of Revenue Management and Pricing. The company’s Small Group Explorations Tour line was especially popular during this year’s sale, he adds. The product line allows travellers to take a deeper dive into local cultures and take in unique experiences, thanks to the smaller average group size of only 16 travellers.

“Africa was one our top trending destinations for Small Group Explorations Tours during this year’s Black Friday Sale,” said Roy. “Travellers are flocking to explore the continent with our explorations tours. What makes Collette’s Africa tours unique is that on top of the opportunity to explore the wildlife, travellers have the chance to enjoy the unique and rich culture of Africa. We’re happy that travellers took the opportunity to save when planning life-changing experiences with Collette.”

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