Expedia TAAP offers 2% bonus commission on Activities

TORONTO — Expedia TAAP will be paying an additional 2% commission on bookings for Expedia Activities and Transfers for a limited time.

The commission level for all Activities and Transfers booked between June 1 and Sept. 30 will be from 12% to 13.5% depending on the status level of the agency.

Over 7,000 Activities are available to be booked through Expedia TAAP. Airport Transfers are available from most major airports and there are thousands of Activities such as Tours, Theatre Tickets, Attractions, Events and Shows, even African Safaris or Camel Rides.

“Activity bookings have grown dramatically this year and there’s a whole world of adventures to explore,” says Katrina Moseley, Travel Agent Distribution Specialist, Expedia TAAP. “Airport Transfers are very popular but there’s also strong growth in Tours, Sightseeing and Theatre Tickets worldwide. You can pre purchase Helicopter rides across Manhattan, Wedding Packages in Vegas, a night in a Beer Hall in Munich, Hop-on Hop-off Bus tours in most major cities and you can even buy a tailor made suit in Bangkok.”

All Activity bookings are eligible for the commission bonus during the promotion period. “Agents sometimes forget they can pre-order these Activities and transfers,” says Moseley. “This is a great incentive for agents to add fantastic value for their clients and earn additional commission. They are easy to book and come with Expedia TAAP’s usual highly competitive Internet prices.”

For more information about Expedia TAAP go to expedia.ca/TAAP-Info. For existing Expedia TAAP subscribers go to expedia.ca/taap, sign in and explore the Activities for sale.